Cloud Video Management System

TUTK's Cloud Video Management System (Cloud VMS) is a web-based platform that helps you check surveillance video anytime and anywhere


Powerful Web-Based Platform

Support all browsers for web, iOS and Android to have live view and playback anytime anywhere without requiring any installation.

Widely Compatible

TUTK agent service to quickly connect and be compatible with various video devices.

3 Level Delegated Administration

3 role designs to help vendors to grasp the sales and usage status of the devices and help to increase the business value afterward.

Effective Mastery

Device management service provides device status in real-time, as well as quick troubleshooting.

No Lost and Any Time

Flexible cloud recording service for backing up event video at any time and safely stores.


Integrate 3rd party cloud AI services to transform general cameras into AI cameras through video analysis.


TUTK Cloud VMS-image

It is difficult for most of the manufacturers to have the video viewer on the platform (such as fleet management system, security management platform). For the platform owner, TUTK integrates live view and playback function of VMS into the component. We also provide embedded player, which can be quickly integrated into the platform using the iframe syntax. Through our VMS, your platform will have intelligent video viewing function without painful upgrade.


Designed for surveillance centers, security providers, camera and XVR manufacturers, brand owner, lightweight and meet the most basic necessary functions, customers can quickly have a cloud video management platform, use WEBRTC that support all browsers for web, iOS and Android , helping businesses improve operations and customer service. By using TUTK’s powerful P2P technology, it can save significant operation costs and network bandwidth.

TUTK Cloud VMS Architecture


Manufacturer / Brand Owner

Simple integration lets devices up and running via Cloud Video Management System (Cloud VMS). Customize all your manufacturing operations and security needs.

Surveillance Centers / Security Providers

Centrally view multi-field surveillance video in a single platform- viewing multiple channels simultaneously to keep customer safe effectively.

System Integrators

Embedded player fit into your platforms rapidly. View single or multiple channels live or time-specific playback via the embedded player.