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Important Notice: SID Mechanism Phase Out

Issue Time: March 2023

ThroughTek Co., Ltd. (referred as “TUTK” below) has been dedicated to provided P2P connectivity cloud services and custom solutions for our customers since the beginning. Being updated with the latest technology and operational requirement, TUTK will be phasing out SID mechanism on February 1, 2024 (GMT+8) for a more stable service. The retirement of this mechanism will affect both the device and client side, causing them to not able to connect. Hereby inform our customers, TUTK will provide P2P server key in replacement of SID.

TUTK will continuously work on providing better P2P connection service, at the same time hoping our customers will update to the latest services. If you’d like to update to using P2P server key or need further technical assistance in making this decision, please contact your TUTK salesperson or send an e-mail to TUTK will help provide the best solution for your needs.